Coffee shops to get some work done.

Need a Change of Scenery from Your Home Office? Discover Local Coffee Shops Close to Our DTC Apartments

Enjoying the comforts of home while working—think pajamas all day and no commute—certainly has its appeal. Yet, the charm can wane when the boundaries between work and personal space blur. Luckily for the residents of our DTC apartments, an array of splendid coffee spots lies just a stone’s throw away, offering a refreshing backdrop for your work-from-home (WFH) routine. Dive into the vibrant café culture near Outlook DTC with these top picks.


Corvus Coffee Roasters

Embrace the bustling energy of artisanal coffee making at Corvus Coffee Roasters, situated under a mile from our Denver Tech Center abode. This chic roastery and café crafts exquisite espresso drinks amidst an industrial décor, offering a prime spot for productivity alongside fellow café-goers. Delve into their brewing philosophy and snack offerings on the Corvus Coffee Roasters website.


Black Rock Coffee Bar

With its nationwide presence, Black Rock Coffee bestows its cozy ambiance and specialty brews a mere half-mile from Outlook DTC. Whether you’re drafting emails or brainstorming projects, their creative concoctions like the Caramel Blondie or the potent Jackhammer enhance any work session. For a deeper dive into their drink menu and craft, visit the Black Rock Coffee website.


Crave Coffee Roasters

Priding themselves on fueling happiness through delectable fare, Crave Coffee Roasters excels in delivering a fulfilling work and dine experience. Nestled in the DTC, this café roasts its coffee on-site, ensuring each cup is as fresh as can be. From their signature “Crave Bread” to smoothies and fresh juices, explore all of Crave’s offerings on their website.


Monk & Mongoose

For those moments when a café environment is crucial—be it for a friendly catch-up, an external meeting, or a much-needed energy boost—Monk & Mongoose stands ready, just five minutes from our DTC apartments. They proudly serve Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters & Spirit Teas, catering to both coffee aficionados and tea lovers alike. Visit the Monk & Mongoose website for more about their offerings.


When the home office grows too familiar, and desire for novelty strikes, venture out from our Denver Tech Center apartments into the inviting embrace of these local coffee gems. Experience firsthand the vibrant community and comfort at Outlook DTC by booking a tour today.

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